Fellowship Ministries

Prayer Ministries

Organized by Karen Shelton, the Director of Prayer Ministries team maintains a regular schedule of prayers for the congregation, community and the world.  Team members may engage in votive-stand prayers, healing prayers, prayer chain, private prayer, and other areas of worshipful prayer.  These ministries offer opportunities for small group prayers or individual prayer from home.

Volunteers also may join the prayer chain to make phone calls to, or on behalf of, any persons needing prayer.  Prayer team members also may participate in “Ashes-to-Go” on Ash Wednesday, in which the Priest and others are stationed street-side in downtown Grove to administer ashes to interested passersby.

Another ministry related to prayer is the Serendipity Prayer Group, coordinated by Karen Shelton.  This small group meets once a week for private prayer on behalf of others.  All information shared in the group is confidential.

555 E. Third Street | Grove, OK 74344
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