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Start Here

Author: The Rev. Dr. David Bridges, Priest
November 24, 2020

The Bible book of Proverbs is a collection of the wise sayings of King Solomon, the son of King David of Israel. Solomon was writing instructions for living into the will of God and into the great potential God implanted in the human race.

For Solomon, the prayer that God’s “will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (originally from an old Hebrew prayer), is our responsibility. In order for God’s will to be done, we need to learn the basics, then continue to grow. This is what Solomon is offering us.

He begins by explaining the purpose of his writing as a way of instruction for people to know how to live rightly, justly, and honorably. He emphasizes the basic importance of honoring God: “When you stand in awe of YHWH (Almighty God) – that is when you begin to really understand.” (See Proverbs 1:7)

Step one: Stand in awe of God. How long has it been since you have been awestruck by God? Do you look at a sunrise or sunset and feel humbled? Do you watch animals or birds playing and smile? Are you amazed at the complexity of life and admire the designer?

Perhaps you are so absorbed with everything “making sense” or you being “in charge” that you miss out on the mystical wonder of it all. Solomon is telling us to make God the primary focus of our lives. We could compare this with going to the authorized service center for our automobile. The mechanics that know the vehicle best are the ones trained by the factory.

Likewise, we must turn to the designer and creator of life if we want to understand life. We cannot behave as if we thought all of this up on our own. We need to be in contact with the originator. When we take the first step of “seeking God”, we must set ourselves aside so we can see something greater than ourselves.

That is one of our biggest problems; setting ourselves aside. What if this life is not all about us? What if, the more we serve others, the more we are blessed. That doesn’t fit with our capitalist way of living where “he who dies with the most toys wins.” The truth is, he who dies with the most toys is still dead!

Jesus warns us not to put too much importance on earthly things because nothing on earth lasts forever. But we can’t help ourselves. We are designed with the need to worship something. Our problems center around the things we worship; money, power, status, food, possessions, etc., etc.

If we actually focused on worshipping God, rather than fully being part of a society that can never have enough, we could have everything we need and far more. But when we want to have it all, we will not have time for God. First things first.

Blessings and Peace to You All,
Fr. David+


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