Author: The Rev. Dr. David Bridges, Priest
December 01, 2021

How many of you remember the old-fashioned dial radios? Yes, we actually had to turn a knob to change the station and sometimes it could be a little tricky. If the transmitter was far away, or you were travelling, the signal might fade.

Often it would be necessary to adjust the knob slightly to bring the signal into greater clarity. If you travelled too far from the transmitter, you would lose the signal completely, and have to find another station, be subjected to endless static, or turn the radio off.

This is the beauty of satellite radio; no fading or static. The signal is clear all of the time, no matter where you go, because the signal is coming from far above the earth without obstruction.

Our spiritual connection to God’s signal can be similar. You may not have paid much or any attention to your spiritual life. You may not have realized how important a healthy spiritual life is to your overall health and success in this life. You may not be thinking about what happens when you die.

Not to be a bummer or anything, but the truth is; we all die, someday. When? Who knows? But when it happens there is no time to think about your spirituality. So why is it so important?

I believe in one source of creation and power. Many of us call it “God”. Others who lived here long before us called it the “Great Spirit”. Yet others have called it the great “It”. The names we choose make little difference, but I am certain all of this marvelous, detailed and diverse planet and everything and everyone on it, were created from nothing by the Master Builder.

I believe humanity is a wonderful creation that remains under-valued. I believe we were all given gifts that can make the world a better place. I believe many of us never reach our potential. I know many of us are lonely, depressed, fearful, angry, or in some way stuck in life.

Many are stuck in their minds and may never experience the “freedom” of living into their potential. Many will never experience true love and acceptance. Many have died and many more will die having never felt real joy and inner peace.

Just like the old-fashioned radio, you may not be hearing the signal of the Creator’s love. You may be hearing a signal that tells you how unworthy or unloved you are. You may be hearing a signal of anger urging you to respond in anger. You may be hearing the signal of hopelessness.

It is time for you to fine-tune your “radio” to God’s signal. Every broadcast is about love and hope and freedom. If you keep listening you will hear how valued you are, how necessary you are, and how loved you are. Better yet, tune-in to God via “satellite” by adopting a life of prayer and spiritual awakening.

Blessings and Peace to You All,
Fr. David+


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